Precision steel tubes

Precision steel tubes

GARAY manufactures precision steel tubes according to the standards EN-10305-2 (DIN 2393) and EN-10305-3 (DIN 2394) with the latest methods and means of production available.

  • EN-10305-2 (DIN 2393); Cold drawn precision welded steel tubes
  • EN-10305-3 (DIN2394); Precision welded steel tubes

As required by our clients our engineering department studies the adaptation of our processes to any specification to include it in its manufacturing.

The tube made in GARAY is a high precision product, with strict dimensional demands of concentricity and resistance.

The characteristics of the steel tubes of GARAY:

  • Uniformity of the thickness of the wall
  • Homogeneity of its mechanical properties
  • Precision of its dimensional tolerances
  • Excellent interior and exterior surface finishing
  • Check of the internal consistency through non-destructive testing
  • Excellent performance in post curving operations, expansion, reduction, punching, closure and welding
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