Cold Drawn precision STEEL TUBES | Hj Garay

Range and characteristics

Range and mechanical characteristics

1 Method of supply
brass bars
brass roll

2 Tolerance
Manufacturing tolerance is h10s/standard ISO 286-2.

Other tolerances available by request.
3 Supply conditions and packaging
A – Bars

  • Packets strapped with metal tape in 3-5 places.
  • Packets strapped with metal tape in 3-5 places protected on the outside by plastic.
  • In wooden boxes (Standard for dimensions under 10).
B- Rolls

  • Rolls in vertical position on cradles.
  • Rolls in horizontal position on wooden pallets.
  • Rolls in horizontal position in wooden boxes.
  • Rack on wooden pallet.

4 Heat treatment
According to customer requirement we propose heat treatment for:

1- STABILITY to eliminate tensions => to deliver BARS and ROLLS
2- ANNEALING of recristalization => to deliver ROLLS
5 Certificates
Certificates of composition and mechanical test type 3.1 according to standard 10204.

H.J. Garay confirms with test samples that product delivered belongs to order required.