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Brass applications

Brass applications

Brass, copper and zinc with lead, highlights by excellent machining properties and let product high deformation at different temperatures. Besides uniform machining and high ductability. Brass is known to have higher resistance to corrosion in hostile environments. Its resistance to wear is also notable.

These characteristics can be changed and improved by adjusting composition with small additions of other elements. Melting, casting and extrusion processes under strict control, produce different qualities to market and specific application demands.

This variety of properties determines industrial applications related to brass. Some of the most representative:

  • Locksmith, key holes/cylinders, python locks, padlocks, keys…
  • Valves , taps ,threaded, machining and stamping parts.
  • Decor: Lamps
  • Electrical components: plugs, sockets…
  • Automotive: thermostats, valves…
  • Others, ball pen points, naval applications, watches…

Brass Precision machinery

Precision machinery

Brass Stamping


Brass Locksmith